The Vacation Pt 2

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The Vacation Pt 2

Once Elsa had finished cumming from Clint licking her pussy she turned around, and placed her hands on the two huge limbs to balance herself as she stuck her ass out, and parted her legs. Clint lifted her dress up over her sexy ass, and started running the head of his cock over his wifes pussy as she looked over his shoulder. At first the woman that had been watching them was gone or was she. Clint caught sight of her again. She had moved so that she could see Clints cock as it slid into Elsas pussy. Slowly he eased his cock into Elsas tight, /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy inching it all the way in. Once he was completely inside his wifes pussy, Clint pulled his cock back slowly watching as the woman fingered herself.

Clint started sliding his cock in and out of Elsas pussy faster, and faster until he was slamming his cock into her pussy, his balls slapping against her thighs. They both were beside themselves with lust as Clint pounded her hot pussy with Clint checking now, and then to see if the woman was still there watching. Finally Clint couldnt hold back any longer, and started cumming. Once he was finished Elsa stood up looking for the woman, but she was already gone. With a little disappointment in her voice Elsa asked,

"I wonder if she saw you cum?"

"Oh Im sure she lets get back to our room, weve got a busy day tomorrow."

Once they were back in their room it was a shower, and then to bed wondering what they might get into tomorrow. The following morning Elsa woke up to find Clint wasnt laying next to her in the bed. It was then that she noticed a note on the pillow saying that he had woken early, and couldnt get back to sleep so rather than wake her hed gone for a walk, and would be back in time to take her to breakfast. Elsa sighed as she tossed the note aside, and lay there in bed still naked thinking about their rose garden adventure from the night before. She could feel her nipples beginning to harden as she lay there, and was about to start pleasuring herself when she noticed that the sliding glass door off their room was slightly ajar, and that the drapes were open. Anyone passing by would be able to see her pleasuring herself if she didnt pull the drapes. Just the thought of someone watching her caused her pussy to tingle with anticipation.

Throwing caution to the wind Elsa moved her hands slowly up her body, feeling the softness of her skin as she moved her hands higher, and higher until her hands moved over her breasts. Not only were her nipples hard, but they tingled at the slightest touch. Elsa began gently squeezing her breasts as she closed her eyes, and started strumming her nipples with her fingers. She xxx sex video download free com could feel little jolts of erotic energy surging through her body as she began twisting her nipples between her thumb and forefingers. The more she teased her nipples the more aroused she became.

As Elsa continued pleasuring herself, the waitress from the rose garden walked by the room, and happened to glance inside seeing Elsa laying naked on the bed. She recognized Elsa from the night before, and stopped in her tracks as Elsa continued to pleasure herself, oblivious to anyone watching. sexxxx video ful hd As she watched she felt herself becoming aroused as Elsa move her hand down her stomach, easing it over her mound, and down between her legs. Watching Elsa made her pussy start to tingle. She too had fantasies, and her favorite was to make love to another woman. As she stood there she looked from side to side to make sure no one was watching as she moved her hand down, past her shorts, and into her panties. As her fingers moved over her pussy her arousal grew as did her courage. She toyed with the idea of walking into the room and joining Elsa. No sooner had the thought entered her mind than Elsa turned her head and looked right at her. She froze expecting Elsa to scream or something, but instead Elsa smiled as she slid her middle finger into her pussy. That was all Dana needed to see as she took a deep breath, and pulled the door open and stepped inside. She smiled at Elsa saying,

"Hi Im Dana...the waitress from the restaurant? I was in the garden last night."

Dana made her way over, and stood at the foot of the bed watching Elsa add a second finger inside her pussy. Elsa smiled saying,

"Yes...I remember you."

Dana smiled as she watched Elsa working her fingers in her pussy, and spreading her legs just a little wider. Elsa told her,

"You know you can do more than watch if youd like...I wouldnt mind."

That was all Dana needed to hear as she took off her top and shorts giving them a toss as she stood facing Elsa, cupping her beautiful breasts in her hands, and teasing her nipples. Elsa moved her eyes up and down Danas body thinking Danas pussy was so beautiful. Her lips were full and thick like Elsas, and her pussy was as bare as the day she was born. Without saying a word Dana crawled up onto the bed hovering over Elsa as she lowered her head, their lips touching as they kissed softly. Their kisses grew more passionate by the second until their tongues were locked in a passionate kiss. Dana eventually broke their kiss as she started kissing her way down Elsas neck, inching ever closer to Elsas breasts. Dana started making circular motions around Elsas aureolas as Elsa cooed and moaned softly. After a few minutes of teasing Dana sucked Elsas nipples into her mouth, and began teasing Elsas nipples with her tongue. Elsa moved her free hand down, and started rubbing her clit as Dana continued sucking her nipples until Elsa squealed again as she lifted her body as one orgasm after another shot through her. Dana raised her head smiling as she watched Elsa slowly draw her fingers from her pussy. Dana quickly grabbed her hand, and placed Elsas fingers to her mouth. They were covered in Elsas juices as Dana started sucking them, and licking then as Elsa said in a raspy whisper,

"Yes...Oh fuck yes...suck my cum from my fingers...oh fuck yes."

Once she had finished sucking Elsas fingers Dana lowered her head, and started making her way down toward Elsas still throbbing pussy. Elsa could feel Danas hot breath on her stomach, and then her mound as Dana drew closer and closer to her pussy. She gasp when Danas tongue moved over her mound, and down onto her wet lips as Dana began teasing her. After several minutes of teasing her, Dana moved her tongue onto Elsas pussy, slowly running her tongue up and down Elsas wet lips lapping up her juices. Elsa squealed grabbing Danas head as she lifted her hips off the bed trying to thrust her pussy into Danas face. Dana parted Elsas lips allowing Elsas love juices to run down onto her tongue as she began exploring Elsas sex. Elsa had never been with a woman sexually except in her fantasies, but she knew that today she was going to find out what it was really like. In the meantime she was loving every second that Dana spent exploring her pussy.

In the meantime Dana licking and sucked Elsas pussy doing everything she had ever imagined she wanted to do to another woman. Even though she had never actually been with a woman before, she could tell from Elsas response she was doing the right thing. Dana started tongue fucking Elsa listening to her squeal, and thrust her pussy into Danas face. The more aroused Elsa became, the more aroused Dana became. She tongue fucked Elsa until her tongue felt as if it were going to fall off, so Dana replaced her tongue with her fingers, working them around in Elsas pussy while she moved up, and took Elsas engorged clit into her mouth, and started alternating between licking and sucking it. Elsa was beside herself as one orgasm after another coursed through her body. Finally Elsa pulled Dana to her face, smiling at her as she began kissing her juices from Dana face. The two /women/">women cuddled for a few moments when Elsa said,

"Now its my turn to taste your beautiful pussy."

Elsa took her time kissing and sucking Danas nipples as she caressed them. Danas breasts felt so soft as Elsa did everything she could think of to pleasure Dana. From the sounds Dana was making, Elsa was on the right track. Satisfied that she could now move on Elsa started kissing her way down Dana stomach to her pussy. Elsa paused for a moment or two just taking in the aroused scent of Danas pussy. She had never smelled another womans scent before only her own. She smiled thinking it was beautiful just as she had thought it would be. Like Dana had done with her, Elsa started teasing Dana, licking all around her pussy as Dana cooed, and moaned urging her to lick her pussy. She felt Danas hand gently moving her so her tongue would be on her pussy. Elsa started running her tongue up and down Danas pussy marveling at how /sweet/">sweet her pussy tasted. The women were so into their female lust that neither of them heard nor saw Clint as he walked back into the room.

Clint froze as he looked at the sight before him. He could feel his cock becoming harder and harder as he watched his wife licking and sucking the strange womans pussy. He knew Elsa had fantasies of being with another woman, but he never expected to actually see her with her head between another womans legs licking and sucking her pussy, and yet there she was, and she seemed to be enjoying herself. As he stood there Clint decided to get out of his clothes just in case he got invited to join the /party/">party. Elsa in the meantime was tongue fucking her lover as she squealed, thrusting her pussy into Elsas face. Once he was naked he stood there as Elsa slid two fingers into her lovers pussy while she moved up, and started sucking her clit. Now the woman was really starting to cum, thrashing around on the bed, and lifting her ass off the mattress as she grabbed Elsas head and ground her pussy even harder into Elsas face. As her orgasm started to wane it was then that Elsa lifted her head, and saw Clint standing there with his cock in his hand, and a huge smile on his face. Elsa smiled and said,

"Hi Honey...did you enjoy your walk?"

"Ah ya...but this is much better I have to say. Whose your friend...she looks familiar."

"This is Dana....from the rose garden last night?"

"Oh ya. Hi Dana...nice to meet you. I see you two have been enjoying one anothers company. Should I get dressed and go so you two can keep going?"

Elsa looked at Dana asking,

"Dana....would you mind if my husband joined us. Ive always wanted to do a threesome with my husband and another woman. What do you think?"

Dana smiled,

"Id love to as long as I can enjoy your husband beautiful, /cock/big-cock/">big cock in my pussy."

"Of course. I wouldnt have it any other way. I know I dont have to ask, but is that OK with you Babe?"

Clint just smiled as he made his way onto the bed trying to decided where to start. Elsa could see Clint was having trouble making up his mind, so rather that wait she said,

"Clint, why dont you and Dana have some fun while I watch?"

"That sound like a good idea."

Clint moved onto the bed, but before he could even get settled Dana was pushing him down onto his back, and taking his cock in her hand as she started running her tongue up, and down the length of his rigid cock. Clint let out a moan, as he laid back, and watched as Dana ran her tongue up the side of his cock pausing and then swirling her tongue over the head, and then sucking it into her mouth where she began gently chewing on the head. He looked over at Elsa who was sitting in the chair, her legs draped over the arms, and her finger in her pussy as she watched Danas every move.

Dana continued lick her way down to Clints balls where she took in one in her mouth, sucking it, as she teased him mercilessly. Then she moved her way back up, and took as much of his cock into her mouth deep throating him as she laid there moaning, and telling her how good she was at sucking cock. After taking Clint to the very brink Dana......