My Oral Addiction

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
My Oral Addiction

I wasnt aways like this, I went out with guys since I was 17 and sucked my first cock at the same time and it didnt take me to long to figure out that all guys wanted their cocks sucked so I went along with it as a matter of course and while I found it ok it wasnt one of my toppriorities. Over the years as boyfriends came and went porn videos download I have grown to enjoy the act of fellatio to the point that now in my late 20s its what I want to do the most. 

Over the last year or two and after my last boyfriend I decided to give relationships a miss and spend more time using guys for my wants instead of the reverse and being good looking with a great face and jawbone structure I dont have any problems seeking out loaded /balls/ball-cock/cock-and-balls/">cock and balls to satisfy my ever growing lust for male seed. I can orgasm from having a cock in my mouth and spend many hours during the week thinking about theFriday night pick up that will deliver the goods. 

Friday nights seem to be the night of choice and I have found that a guy shoots off heaps more sperm on aFriday than what they do on a Saturday, I put this down to the fact that Friday is all work and leaves them no time to jack off as they might have on aSaturday so Fridays are the night that I get dolled up apply the lipstick and hit the clubs. It really doesnt take all that long I just sit at a bar and I eye out a guy and keep his attention with glass licking and the like and 8 times out of 10 their sitting with me in no time.

I only hit clubs with unisex toilets for the obvious reasons and as soon as my chosen stud announces that hes off to the toilet thats my cue, I simply follow him through the door grab his hand and lead him to a cubicle and from that point on I play my usual routine as the friday night /cum/cum-slut/">cum slut and I know I am about to eat cum. My pussy is always on fire by this time as I play over and over in my head that magical feeling of a /cock/big-cock/">big cock twitching in my mouth as it coates my mouth and tongue in a warm generous helping of male cream.

The last stud I had was awesome with a nice sized uncut cock surrounded my shortly cut hair. I sat on the seat with him standing in front of me and it was drooling a steady stream of clear precum from the moment I pulled back its skin and exposed the head,normally I would play and watch this for a while but his cock was leaking so much it was a matter of getting it into my mouth quick or having it drooled all over my skirt which was not the go while being in this club. I wrapped my lips around the purple head and shuddered as I tasted thatbeautiful clear precum ooze. 

Precum to me is one of the sweetest things in life with a totally different taste from the white rich /semen/">semen which follows, this stud was hot and I grabbed his ass cheeks and pushed his cock into my mouth and sucked with relish for a good 10 minutes before those tell tale signs became apparent, he was moaning softly as was I and he erupted with five or six shots of warm tasty cum. My pussy contracted and I orgasmed as this cock delivered a heap of very thick choking cum which I savoured, It tasted so good and the fact that I think xxx about it all week makes it even better, I kept it in my mouth for over a minute and enjoyed the sight of the cock that had just pumped out all thebeautiful cum. 

That was it stud I swallowed in one gulp and relived that feeling of rich male seed coating my throat and warming my belly before cleaning off the remaining male cream from his cock head. I stood up and without a word I left him there and left the cubical and the club satisfied for now with the feeling of male semen coating my throat and warming my tummy. Next week Ill hunt for my fill again and every week after that as well because there is nothing better on earth than sucking cock with no strings attached and no hassles.