Fantasy to reality chapter 2

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Fantasy to reality chapter 2

*** Read Part 1 of Fantasy to reality story.

Get off off me you fucking /whore/">whore!

I can't believe you're yelling at me so soon after I just fucked your brains out. I hesitate for a moment before you grab me by the hair and pull me off of you.

No clean up the cock you love so much slut - lick it clean with your tongue!

Shaking, I crawl over the bed on all fours, lean over and begin to lick your dick.

Tilt that pretty little head of yours up, I want to see me little dicklicker's eyes. Don't forget my balls /bitch/">bitch....... Suck 'em dry........... That's a good little pet.

You get up off the bed, now follow me bitch.

I get off the bed and begin to walk behind you.

You turn, Oh no you don't slut! Get on all fours now!!! You grab my hair and pull me to the floor. Apparently, you don't get it --- you're my pet, just like my dog Godzilla here.

You grab ahold of your German Shepard by the collar and take it off of him and wrap it kinda tight around my neck.

I'm feeling so humiliated, I blush bright red. Next you grab a leash and attach it to the collar. Now walk like a dog, slut! Walk in front of me so I can watch your ass as you crawl!

Shaking I crawl in front of you and leave the bedroom into the living room. As I crawl Godzilla follows and starts stiffing my ass.

You laugh - Even a dog knows what a cunt like you is for!

You pull my leash and I follow you into the kitchen so you can grab a cold beer. Lead me to the couch slut!

I crawl with my ass wiggling to the foot of the couch.

You sit putting your /feet/">feet up on the table. Stay slut, you tell me.

You grab the remote and begin flipping channels.

Hmmm, nothing interesting on TV, you say. You get up off the couch walking towards the bedroom. I watch as you open the coat closet, remove a camcorder, pop out a DVD and slip it into the player on the TV.

Your bedroom appears on the screen as you sit back down.

I can't believe it! There's me, strapped to your bed. The shock spreads over my face and you begin to laugh. I bet you were wondering what I was doing when I left you alone - well, now you know slut. I have evidence of what a cocksucking whore you are! If you even think of escaping, I'll put it on the internet and I'll be sure to send it to your boss. I bet he'd like having you suck him off, wouldn't he? Would you like to suck off the /fat/">fat, old man you told me you work for while we were at the bar last night?

I'm so ashamed, I drop my head and begin to cry.

Oh, my poor little slut - don't feel /bad/">bad, he won't see it unless I want him to - you say sarcastically as you move the coffee table away,

Now be a good little whore, turn around in front of me, facing the TV. I do as you say. Back up a bit now slut. Again I do as you say until my ass is inches from your knees and then you raise your legs and use me like a footstool!

Oh yea, I'm gonna like having a pet besides Godzilla, you say as you lift your beer for another swig.

At the sound of his name, Godzilla comes into the room. He walks up to me, sniffing and smelling, kissing my face.

Here Godzilla, you call him to you. He stands in front of the couch next to you and again begins stiffing my ass.

Grab your /ass/ass-slut/">ass slut and spread your cheeks wide! you yell.

I move up to my knees and do as you commanded.

No, no - that's not gonna work, you mutter as you get up again. You grab an ottoman from in front of a side chair and shove it in front of me. You instruct me to lay down on it keeping my knees on the floor. Now spread your /whore/ass-whore/">ass whore!

Godzilla rushes over and begins to lick.

Oh no! No, no - not that. Please sir, don't let him lick me! Please sir, PLEASE!

I turn my head and see that you're smiling. You know how humiliated I am and it pleases you greatly. Go ahead Godzilla, you know what to do with a cunt!

Godzilla's licking in a frenzy now and I'm moving my ass trying to avoid his tongue.

Out of nowhere I feel a snap of a whip on the top of my ass and free porn movies download scream out.

Bitch, I thought you were a fast learner but I guess you've got more to learn.

SNAP! the whip strikes again.

What command have you violated slut?!

My mind is reeling, between the humiliation and the pain I can't think fast enough.

SNAP! I asked you a question cunt, what command have you violated?

Oh my gosh, I remember you said I would have to fuck anywhere, anyone and any way you told me to. I never expected that to mean your dog too!

SNAP! I see the recognition on your face slut - I know you remember, now tell me!

I will fuck anywhere, anytime, anyone in any way you command sir.

Oh what a good cunt you're learning to be. You've added to my command to include in fucking in any way - hahaha, I picked the perfect cunt, didn't I Godzilla?

Godzilla ran to the corner of the room after the first crack of the whip but crawls back over to you now. Go ahead boy, you say. Godzilla runs behind me and starts licking my ass and slit again. His rough tongue on my burning ass makes me moan.

I knew you were a whore, you want to cum, don't you slut? Zilla's tongue is making you wet isn't it slut?

I can't believe how humiliating it is to have a dog lick me, and you taunting me while I watch myself beg you to fuck me on the tv.

Go ahead slut, you may cum.

No sooner do the words spill from your lips than I quiver like an earthquake and cum shoots from my snatch spraying all over the floor. Zilla slurps it up, then his tongue follows it's source and he licks my thighs clean.

I arched up as I came and spotted another video cam mounted on the opposite wall. As I come back to sanity, I look again and see the red blinking light.

Your eyes follow mine and again you laugh - yes my little bitch. You've now been recorded letting a dog make you cum, further proof of what a full hd xvideo download whore you are, if ever I should need it. Now come here and suck me off, watching you cum for a dog has made me hard again!