My Lovely Oriental part 2 3

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My Lovely Oriental part 2 3

In the morning when I got up I didn't see my Oriental friend but there was coffee and juice on the table in the room. I found out later she had dressed and gotten it at the fast food shop across the street from the motel. She was in the bathroom and I could hear the water running. I sat up and had some juice and coffee. I made 2 cups and walked into the bathroom with the tray of pastries and coffee. She was lying back in the tub with water up to her neck. Her hard long nipples and thighs were showing out of the water and I could see her dark black bush in the water. When I came in, she opened her eyes and smiled at me. I sat the tray on the floor and handed her a cup of coffee. As she reached for it her breasts came completely out of the water with nipples long and hard! My cock had already grew when I saw her as I came into the room. I stood there in front of her as she watched it sticking out at her. She smiled and asked: "Do you always get this hard when you see a woman in the tub?" I told her: "it was her making my cock hard, not just any woman!" She smiled and told me to come on in and wash her back. I asked: "Just your back?" she smiled and told me: "Well start with the back." I stepped in the tub and as I sat in front of her we drank our coffee and ate the pastries and talked. She asked; "How did I do last night?" I told her: "Wonderful you were wonderful. But, I think we could do better with a little practice. Would you like to try today? Would you like to o practice?" She blushed and told me: " I think that would be nice what time do we have to leave the hotel?" I told her: "11 AM but I'll see if we can stay until 1PM. Here let me wash your." And, I took the soap and began to wash her neck and breasts. When I had her breasts in my hands she told me: "Hey they're not my back baby!" "I know but I like these better! Besides they need washing too!" I said. She stood up and that pussy with its dark hair was there right in front of me.

My cock head was showing out of the water, it was so hard. She turned around and now her ass was in front of my face. I bit her ass cheek gently! She jumped and then sat down in the water leaning back on me. She sighed and told me: "It's been over a year since I have been with anyone. I haven't had sex with anyone for at least a year. And, then it was an Asian. I have never had any one but Asians!" I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her neck and when she turned her head I kiss her lips and felt her tongue tickling around my lips. I opened my lips and she shoved her tongue deep into my mouth! My hands came up under her arms and cupped her breasts. I began to make love to those breasts. She moaned as she felt my cock hard against her back. She told me: "Oh god baby! You made me feel so good last night! I love what you did to me! I didn't think I could take all of your cock but you were so gentle and easy! I want to do it at least once before we leave. OK? " I smiled and told her: "Let's start in the tub! Stand up and face me." She did and now with that wonderful pussy right in front of me I took my tongue and licked up between her legs. She told me: "Mummm! Oh god yes! Eat my pussy! That was wonderful too! Eat my pussy like you did last night! Oh god that feels so nice baby!" I took her leg and told her to put her foot on the side of the tub. With her foot there, her thighs were even more open for my tongue. I moved my hand to her pussy and looked up under her pussy as I began to finger her pink! When my finger was deep inside her body I looked up to see her looking down at me. She told me: "Put 2 in baby! And, lick me with that wonderful tongue! Mumm! That's it! That's what I want! Yes, Oh yes baby! Lick it!" I kept licking and pumping my fingers in and out of her snatch until her body quivered and shook as she went into her climax. Moan after moan came out of her mouth as my fingers and tongue drove her body higher and higher with desire! We both felt another climax hit her in seconds after the first one and she held on to my head as her knees began to give out! Down in the water she went and I told her: "Lay back against the tub and open your legs. Put one leg out of the tub. Put the other one up against the wall!" And, she did. Now I pulled her small body up out of the water and held it up with my hands on her sweet ass! Sitting between her thighs, I bent my head down and began to eat her pussy again! She pushed into me now as her head lay back on the end of the tub and her body was lying on top of mine. Her right leg hung over the side of the tub and her other one was up high against the wall. Her pussy and ’ of her body was out of the water as my head was buried into her cunt. She moaned and whimpered as my mouth sucked on her cunt lips and my tongue fuck her hole. She kept telling me: "Lick it baby! Oh yes, there right there! Oh god it feels so good! Mummmm Oh god I'm cuming again! Oh yes!! Oh god yes! Oh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk! Yes!" And, her body pumped and pumped against my face splashing water out of the tub. When she was finished I looked up and saw that smile again as she lay there eyes closed, nipples hard and erected sticking high out of the cool water, and her pussy open right in front of me. I slowly stroked it with two fingers. I ran them up it up the length of her open slit and them pushed them into her hole. I sat there watching her pussy take my fingers in and out as I fucked her with them.

She sighed each time my fingers were fully inside her. Now I began to move them in and out faster and faster as I saw her mouth open and her head thrown back. I knew she was close to cuming again. My cock was sticking straight up now out of the water. I move my body around until my cock was an inch from her open hole. I kept pushing my fingers in and out of her body, again and again. When I was ready I moved my fingers out and put my cock head against her wide-open pussy hole and eased it in. I sank it deep into her after a few attempts. Each time I pushed the shaft went further inside her body! I watched her face and knew I had surprised her. She looked down the length of her body and saw /cock/huge-cock/my-huge-cock/">my huge cock moving in and out of her body like a machine! In and out, in and out, in and out I pumped it into her. She loved it! One second I was full inside her with al 7 ’ inches and the next second, just the head was in her pussy, about 1 or 2 inches. Then all of it went back inside her. With only a few full thrusts in and out, she was beginning to thrust back. The water in the tub was all over the floor. I throw all the towels on the floor to suck it up. Now she moved her body so she was sitting up on top of me and began to ride my shaft up and down. Faster and faster her body rode my cock. As I held her beautiful breasts in my hand she began to orgasm!! Her body was flying up and down on my /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock now and soon the feeling she gave me had my cum just about ready to shoot into her wonderful smooth, soft pussy! I was pumping my hips up into her pussy as she slammed her body down on it.

Again and again I thrust up into that small body! And then the cum began to pump into her. She moaned when each shot. Went into her! I filled her pussy and some ran down my hard shaft into the water. It floated around in the water and hung on our bodies. But, bokep sma pecah perawan we never stopped fucking! We had both climaxed but neither of us had had enough of the other person. She was so small I picked her up keeping my cock in her body, stepped out of the tub and walked to the chair in the bedroom. When I got to the window I pulled out of her pussy with a solid popping sound. She cried out and tried to grab for my cock. I sat her in the chair and she moaned out: "Oh god baby put it back in I was almost there again!" I told asked her: "Do you trust me?" She told me: "Yes." I took her legs and put one each arm of the chair. As she sat there spread out wide for me, I could see her pussy spazing, wanting to fuck more. I lowered my head and began to eat her pussy again! In a minute she grabbed my head with both hands raised her ass up off the chair, and climaxed in my mouth screaming and holding my head as she pumped her cunt against my face. As soon as she was finished, I pulled her lower body to the edge of the chair. Kneeling down I put my hard cock back inside her pussy! She moaned loud as my cock slide easily into her pussy now. As we fucked her body was going crazy and finally reacted by pushing me backwards and on to the floor, with her following. She got back up on top of me and began to fuck me like a wild woman. Her little body was easy for me to lift and pull down on my cock as we went at it for a long time.

Since we had both cum a short time ago in the time I knew we would last a long time! We fucked in a bunch of positions. First she was on top of me riding me like I have never been ridden before. Her /pussy/tight-pussy/">tight pussy squeezing my hardening cock tight inside her. Then I turned her around and we fucked with her facing away from me. In this position I watched her as moving up and down and her sweet snatch pull tight on my cock as it tried to pull out of old waman xxxgx her cunt. I could see her lips tight around the shaft of my cock as it slide out about ’ way each time she moved her body up. She turned around again and faced me and when she raised her body up, I would thrust my cock again and again up into her body with my hips. This went on for a long time. But, finally she told me: "Oh god baby! I have to stop a minute I'm dead tired." I moved us both around and put her head and shoulders on the bed. She was kneeling on her knees and I moved around to her ass. I reinserted my cock into her pussy from behind now and began to pump into her body! She told me:" Oh this is good. Mumm that's good!! Yes baby! Fuck me! Oh I love it this way!" I held her hips giving me the needed help to keep pumping my hips and body slamming my cock into her. She moaned and grunted as we fucked. Her tits swung back and forth and I moved my hands to cup each one. The feeling of my hands on her smooth breasts with their long /nipples/hard-nipples/">hard nipples was all I needed. I began to cum and cum in her body! She was telling me in a very husky voice: " Do me babe! /fucking/hard-fucking/fuck-me-harder/">fuck me harder Oh yea like that squeezes my breasts! Mummm I love your cock. Fuck me baby! I'm almost there! Oh yes you're cum feel shot inside my body Oh yes, baby! Fuck! Me!! Here I go!! Mummmmmm!" And she started to orgasm as I kept pumping in and out of her. I moved my hand to her pussy and felt for her clit! Locating it, I began to run two of my fingers over it gently but very fast as I pumped away from behind into her cunt with my hard thick cock. She cried out in passion as she climaxed in seconds!!! As she was climaxing she screamed out some strange oriental words I didn't understand! Over and over again she cried out these words! And then she fell down on to the floor drained of all energy! I fell with her, my cock shrinking fast inside her pussy. As we lay there it finally slipped out of her body and we just held each other. (I found out later that she was crying out the word "yes!" in her native language.)