Fun in the dunes

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Fun in the dunes

One of the draw backs of having such a /dick/huge-dick/">huge dick is getting knocked back by /women/">women. I used to body build competitively but an injury means I focus now on my day job and only train to keep myself in good shape. Being 6?3?, good looking and 105 kg of solid muscle means I get plenty of attention but very few women let me fuck them. I?m 9.5? long but very thick. I can?t get my hand round it so there?s no chance that any woman can. Most guys cocks taper but mine?s a solid 7? thick from top to bottom.

Blow jobs, hand jobs and titty fucks seem to be my life. If I do fuck then no condom is big enough and I take ages to get fully inside if ever. Most women can only take three quarters of my cock. Only 4 women have taken me fully so I was very glad to make it number 5 today.

I had a day off so after getting a back, sack and crack (now, that?s a whole other story) I decided to head to the beach to get an all over tan. I?d been dozing on and off naked in the dunes for about an hour before I decided to check out what was happening on the beach. As I mounted the dune I was met with an absolutely image of beauty. A goddess was lying on her back one leg propped up with her arms crossed behind her head meaning her bare breasts were on full show. She had the cutest pair of /bikini/red-bikini/">red bikini bottoms on that I imagined removing with my teeth. As I stood there admiring the view I could feel the familiar stirring in my cock and my 6? flaccid cock was quickly expanding. All of a sudden she sat up and swung round catching me with my fully extended cock, but not hard, in my hand.

I freaked. I didn?t want to come off as a perve so I nervously waved, revealing my /cock/thick-cock/">thick cock which was a mistake, and retreated to my towel as my heart pounded in my ears. I managed to calm down and brushed the sand off before settling back down on to my towel for some more sun.

?Hi!? said a female voice.

My eyes shot open as my eyes focussed stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv on a dark figure silhouetted against the afternoon sun. ?Hi? I replied as my left hand went up to shield my eyes so I could see who I was talking to. That?s when I realised it was my friend from earlier. I was awestruck.

?I didn?t realise this was a /beach/nude-beach/">nude beach?? she said as I sat more upright trying to cover my groin.

?Only certain parts. Where are my manners? My name?s Shaun.? As I extended my hand she fumbled with all her gear so she could shake it.

?Can I join you?? she blurted out not really waiting for a reply because before I knew it her towel was spread out alongside mine and she was lying down with her head at my /feet/">feet. Me totally naked and her still in her bikini.

We chatted for around 10 minutes and I was a perfect gentleman. I couldn?t really focus on the conversation as it took all my focus not to throw a /boner/">boner and knowing women?s usual reaction I didn?t want to scare her off. ?Mind if I take my top off??. Once again she wasn?t really asking and had removed her top even before she finished her question. I took a couple of deep breaths and thought I could maintain my composure until she said ?ah fuck it? and removed her bottoms as well. So here I was, naked as a jay bird with a quickly growing cock and hot woman beside me.

Not once did she even glance at my cock which was good because I would have white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie become hard instantly. This was the complete opposite to me as I was drinking in this image of this naked goddess lying within arms reach but talking a million miles an hour as if we were fully clothed. As we chatted I found out she was an aerobics instructor which explained her kicking body. She asked me about my training program so as I explained sets and reps my cock shrank and I could see her occasionally glance at my cock. It had started.

She talked about ex-boyfriends and mentioned one who had a /cock/big-cock/">big cock and said that in the end how unsatisfied she was. Girls loved his big cock so he never learnt any skills and just expected the girl to do all the work. ?Wish I had that problem. Most women won?t let me near them? I added. Occasionally, the poor-little-big-dick-boy routine works so I thought I?d give it a go.

?From what I can see, it?s the perfect size? came the response and that?s when I knew we?d fuck but I had to bide my time. The conversation went from the weather to the local rugby league team. She was intrigued and sat up when I said that I was mates with a couple. The entire time I was staring at her vagina and I could swear I could see moisture gathering on her labia. Occasionally she let her hand trail over her breast or she?d part her legs and slide a finger through her labia and back up to her breasts. She thought I didn?t see but I saw her once bring her finger to lips lick the moisture off her finger. Fucking hot.

My cock was at full mast. She was doing really well but cracks were appearing in her fa?ade as I saw her sneaking more glances at my weapon and her gaze lingering longer. I shifted on to my elbows and lifted one leg causing my cock to fall off my belly and hit my towel with an audible thud. I knew she heard it because she said ?ohh? and started at my cock. ?Sorry about that. Happens when I?m naked around /women/hot-women/">hot women?.

?Seen one, seen ?em all? came the reply but never once did she take her eyes off my cock. She came to her senses. ?Where did you get your wax? They did a very good job??. Before I knew it her silken hands were stroking my calf and down to my feet. If I wasn?t hard before I certainly was now ? and leaking. It was only a matter of time before I knew that she?d be jacking me off and hopefully more. Her hands travelled higher and higher, moving in small circles and the entire time precum was leaking out of my cock.

?My last /friend/girl-friend/">girl friend left me because my cock was too big and I wanted sex too often. You don?t think it?s too big do you?? Some times this trick works, sometimes it doesn?t.

?God no!? came the reply. ?I?ve had cocks as big as?.holy fuck!? I knew exactly what she was thinking as she grabbed my cock. ?It?s so fucking thick!?. It?s a familiar scene, girl?s eyes are bigger than her vagina.

?Yeah, I know, it?s too big?.

?No, no, no. it?s just so fucking thick.? She had come on to her knees now beside me with both hands stroking me. I laid back and closed my eyes and let her jerk me off as my right hand falls to her rear end and play with her ass and pussy from behind. After about 5 minutes she asked ?Do you mind if I suck it??.

?Don?t let me stop you?. She coaxed more precum out of cock and used this as an excuse to bring her tongue to my cock. She squeezed my shaft brining a huge wad of precum to the tip which she skilfully removed with her tongue leaving a rope of precum connecting my cock and her mouth. I asked her to lie on her back to my side and she moved her groin closer to my face as I continued to play with her cunt.

She kept saying ?it?s fucking huge? and all the while washing the head of cock in her mouth as I played with her clit. Eventually she moved more and more of my cock into her mouth bathing the head and slowly jerking the shaft that wasn?t in her mouth. In this position I could really focus on slicing my two fingers in and out of her cunt while my thumb played with her clit. I withdrew my fingers and brought them to my mouth tasting her juices. She was completely lost on my cock now getting a good 6? of thick cock into her mouth. Considering most girls can?t get the head in their mouths this was feeling pretty good.

I took my two fingers out of my mouth and slicked up my pinky leaving plenty of spit on it as I brought it to her arsehole. She lifted her legs to give me more access and I slipped in my little finger. She moaned on my cock and tried to shove more of it her mouth only causing her to gag. I fingered her arse for a couple of minutes before fully withdrawing and inserting my index and middle finger back into her cunt and little finger back into her arse.

?Holy shit!? her eyes shot open as my fingers went back in. She breathed deep and closed her eyes but continued to jack me off. Not getting to fuck many women means I?ve gotten very good at pleasing them with my fingers and tongue. Her hand flew up and down my cock as continued to service her holes. I could feel her cunt start to become puffier indicating an approaching orgasm. I kept up my pace as her face contorted and she bit her lower lip.